Resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi Refugees

UNHCR reports that the conflict in Syria is the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time. It has been

reported that global forced displacement reached a record high with 65.3 million people displaced by war or persecution worldwide.

That is why Omahat Without Borders (OWB) has expanded their mandate and launched a new department  in June of 2015 to assist in the ongoing humanitarian refugee crisis. OWB began the sponsorship campaign that is aims to resettle Syrian refugees under the Privately Sponsored Refugees (PSRs).
OWB is an organization that is committed to assisting and aiding Syrian and Iraqi refugees settle, and find a place to call home here in Canada, and specifically in Ontario.


This community engagement initiative:

  • Enriches Canada as every other refugee movement has in the past
  • Enhances Canada’s refugee resettlement commitment
  • Provides opportunities for ordinary people to respond to a humanitarian crisis
  • Assists Syrian and Iraqi families in Ontario to be reunited with their friends and family
  • Provides refugees an opportunity to begin their lives here in Canada
  • Provide modest support to ensure that refugees can connect to existing programs and supports offered through the government of Ontario


To accomplish this, OWB:

  • Helps recruit, assist sponsoring groups to welcome and support refugee families during their first year in Ontario, specifically in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA);
  • Works with the Syrian, Iraqi and Arab-Canadian community in the Peel region to ensure that they help shape and partake in this initiative;
  • Convenes and engages community leaders across the GTHA as champions for the program;
  • Works with volunteers and immigration consultants to assist in the process development and submission of PSR applications.
  • Ensure the basic necessities (shelter, food, clothing, etc.) are provided for the arrival of refugees.