About Us

Omahat ( Mothers in Arabic)Without Borders OWB LOGO(OWB)was created in Mississauga, Ontario in response to the atrocities committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip in January 2009. The aim of this first project was to coordinate the conveyance of humanitarian aid to the children of Gaza who continue to live under inhuman and blockade. This humanitarian aid drive that began in January transported the goods on April 2009. The most basic needs and supplies were collected including toothbrushes,  toys, infant wear and clothing, school supplies, shoes, walkers, wheelchairs, and miscellaneous need such as blankets, pillows and towels.

Serving vulnerable mothers and children in zones of conflict, our goal is to send a message of hope and offer tangible solutions to the constant and reoccurring problems these mothers and children face. We also believe that in some areas of the Middle East, mothers and children do not live under normal circumstances, and suffer from lack of the most basic elements of human rights. It is imperative to send them messages of hope and optimism from mothers in the west and across borders. It is the mission of OWB to provide the children around the world (with a specific focus on the Middle East), who continue to be displaced, left as orphans, disabled, and denied basic human rights the hope and sense that they are not left alone in this struggle. The right of children are protected under the United Nations Convention on the rights of a child and it is imperative to secure these rights for the children and advocate for their protection. And it is solely on this notion that OWB functions and advocates.

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